About Us

About Us

There are many stories like this one.

You sit down at the table to have breakfast, open the jam jar, and spread it on the bread. The act is the same as any other breakfast, but today, after the first slice, you felt a jolt, a twinge of pain, a cramp.

At first, perhaps, you didn’t notice it, but that cramp returned to torment you at every breakfast. As time went by, the suffering increased and brought with it displeasure and irritability. Then the checks began and the diagnosis was: celiac disease.

But from suffering comes rebirth, you pick yourself up, and we too have decided to do something to help you.

And like a bud peeking out in the warmth of spring, the solution was born: the restaurantFlora.


Eat Different



Flora is dedicated to those who know what that suffering means, and who have often found an enemy in the food that should nourish and bring us joy and comfort.

At Flora, you can sit at the table and, for once, truly relax. You won’t have the anxiety of not finding something suitable or the embarrassment of having to ask if what you’re eating was cooked separately. With us, you won’t find gluten, not even in the coffee cup.

We believe that you should regain the joy of eating good food, even if you suffer from annoying intolerances like lactose, which often make you give up a dinner with friends. With us, there is no such risk, because no dish contains lactose.

We care about the well-being of all living beings and our planet. Because we believe that harmony should be achieved not only within ourselves but also in everything around us. For this reason, our dishes do not contain animal derivatives.

We believe that you should regain the joy of eating good food, even if you suffer from annoying food intolerances. That intolerance which often makes you give up a dinner with friends, because you don’t want to risk feeling ill.

With us, you don’t run this risk, because at Flora the menu is completely gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free.

And you can sit at the table with a smile.

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